Frequently Asked Questions about R2 Licenses, Certificates and Website Directory

Q.  Our facility moved last month – why isn’t my new address listed on SERI’s R2 Recycler Directory?

A.  A new address cannot be listed on the website until SERI has received a revised certificate from the certifying body showing the new address.  Be sure to contact your certifying body as soon as a move is planned to expedite the process of securing a revised R2 certificate, and updating your listing on the directory. 

Q.  Can you change the address and/or company name on my R2 license?

A.  An address or name change requires a new license application.  After the new license application has been submitted, contact SERI so that any remaining time on your old license can be transferred to your new license.  Your annual renewal date will remain unchanged (unless there is a gap in certification, in which case, a new renewal date will be based on your recertification date.)

Q.  Our auditor was here last week and we passed our audit.  Why aren’t we listed on the R2 Recycler Directory yet?

A.  It takes time for the auditor to prepare his or her audit report, present it to the Certifying Body’s review committee, and for the final approval and certificate to be issued.  At a minimum, you should expect four weeks before the certificate is issued, and in some cases, it can take significantly longer.  Check with your certifying body to get an estimate on when they will issue your R2 certificate.   As soon as SERI receives a copy of the final certificate, we will update the R2 Recycler Directory on our website.

 Q.  My downstream vendor provided a copy of their R2 certificate, but their facility is not listed on the R2 Recycler Directory.  Why is that?

A.  If a certificate is expired, suspended or revoked, it will be removed from the R2 Recycler Directory.  Also, if a facility has moved, the new address will not be added to the website until a revised certificate has been issued by the certifying body.  This ensures that the certifying body has reviewed any changes in operation at the new facility before it is listed on the R2 Recycler Directory.   To view the weekly list of recent changes in R2 status, visit the Certification Changes page on the SERI website.





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