Prof. Oladele Osibanjo joins SERI Board of Directors

SERI is honored that Oladele Osibanjo of Ibaden, Nigeria has joined the SERI Board of Directors.  For many years, Professor Osibanjo has been an ardent proponent for responsible global management of used and end-of-life electronics.   In particular, he has worked to address the difficult and urgent challenges faced by developing countries, especially in Africa.   

Professor Osibanjo has held a number of prominent positions during his distinguished career.  He recently retired from his position as Professor of Analytical and Environmental Chemistry at the University of Ibadan in Nigeria after 40 years of service. 

He served as Executive Director of the Basel Convention Coordinating Centre for Training & Technology Transfer for the African Region until his retirement this past December. 

Professor Osibanjo also recently retired as Co-chair of PACE — the Partnership for Action on Computing Equipment.  PACE is a multi-stakeholder public-private partnership established at the 2006 meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Basel Convention.  Its charge is to develop strategies for assuring environmentally sound refurbishment, repair, material recovery, recycling and disposal of used and end-of-life computing equipment.

“It is a great pleasure that l will have the opportunity to contribute to the work of SERI, especially from a developing country perspective,” says Professor Osibanjo.  “I look forward to working with the other members of the SERI Board as we chart the organization’s future.”

Professor Osibanjo’ experience and commitment to responsible global management of used and end-of-life electronics are well aligned with SERI’s mission:

SERI works to create a world where electronic products are reused and recycled in a way that promotes resource preservation; the well-being of the natural environment; and the health and safety of workers and communities.

“SERI is privileged to have Professor Osibanjo serving on the Board of Directors,” says John Lingelbach, SERI’s executive director.  “We look forward to his insights and efforts to further SERI’s work, especially in developing countries.”


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