Reaching out to policy makers and new industry sectors

Reverse Logistics Association Conference – SERI presented a 90-minute workshop on “R2 Certification:  A Powerful Partner for the Reverse Logistics Industry.”  The session highlighted legal obligations and compliance issues that are unique to managing returned electronic products – beginning with a product’s first use.  R2 certification requires effective data sanitization, proper testing and documentation, and tracking throughout the reverse logistics supply chain.  This reduces the risks associated with warrantee returns, trade-ins, and other returned products, making R2 a powerful tool for ensuring compliance and accountability.

India International E-waste Conference –  SERI’s Executive Director recently traveled to Bangalore India to participate in the first India International E-Waste 2019 Conference (  This was a great opportunity to learn about the issues facing electronics recycling in India and to discuss how R2 Certification can accelerate change in India.  There are currently 20 R2 Certified facilities in India, with 25 more currently in progress.   SERI recognizes the challenges of building sustainable recycling infrastructure in India and looks forward to opportunities to educate about best practices in both formal and informal recycling of electronics. 




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