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New Advisories to the R2 Code of Practices

SERI has released two new advisories to the R2 Code of Practices:

Advisory 21 – Recertification / Reassessment Remote Auditing during COVID-19 Pandemic

In March, SERI released Advisory 19–Alternate Auditing and Certification Procedures in an effort to ease disruptions in the audit process resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.   Since that time, we’ve been evaluating the benefits and risks of expanding the use of remote audits to include recertifications.  Because of the travels bans, quarantines and health precautions of the past months, many audits have been postponed, which has put the R2 certification of a number of facilities at risk.   To address this issue, SERI released a second advisory in response to the Pandemic:  Advisory 21- Recertification / Reassessment Remote Auditing during COVID-19 Pandemic.  A variety of auditors, certification bodies and R2 facilities participated in the testing of our remote audit pilot program.  After careful review, we think remote audits can be effective option, but they will require a very different approach and methodology.  Advisory 21 outlines the process to be followed if a Certification Body chooses to conduct a recertification audit remotely.  Download Advisory 21 to view the specific details.   

To help facilities prepare for remote audits, SERI also released  Facility Tips for Successful Remote Audits.

Advisory 22 – Transition Plan to R2v3 

This Advisory provides the timeline and audit process for transitioning from R2:2013 certification to R2v3 certification. Proactive and early transition of certification will be key to meeting the demands of the marketplace. Certification Bodies (CBs) are encouraged to start briefing and preparing their Candidate Facilities and R2 Certified Facilities for the transition. For more details, download Advisory 22.






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