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R2 and RIOS Alliance Formed

The R2 Certification program, developed by SERI, and the RIOS Certification program are combining forces in a new alliance to further support their shared vision for responsible reuse and recycling of electronics.  The R2 Standard is a voluntary sustainability standard that sets the standard for how the world reuses and recycles electronics.  As the foundation for safe and sustainable practices, R2 Certified facilities are also required to be certified to environmental, health and safety management system standards.  Refurbishers are also required to be certified to a Quality management system standard in R2v3. The Recycling Industry Operating Standard™ (RIOS™) is an integrated Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Management System Certification designed specifically for the recycling industry.

With this alliance, R2 and RIOS will work together to provide electronics refurbishers and recyclers world-wide more resources and training about environmental, health and safety, and quality management systems.  The RIOS Standard will be made publicly available and free of charge.  Additionally, RIOS Membership, along with the 26 chapter do-it-yourself RIOS Implementation Guide, will be made available at a special rate to facilities seeking R2 Certification. 

R2 & RIOS will also be collaborating on ways to reduce certification costs for facilities.  R2 plans to develop a supplement to the RIOS Implementation Guide that will help facilities to incorporate R2v3 requirements into their RIOS Management System.  And RIOS and R2 will be exploring ways to integrate and streamline the audit process, further reducing certification costs.  SERI’s R2 Director, Sean De Vries, stated “R2 Certification relies on a strong EH&S Management System foundation. While there are a few choices for management systems standards in the World, RIOS is the only one whose purpose directly intersects with the electronics refurbishers and recyclers. We are thrilled about collaborating with RIOS and providing better resources and support to this industry to further SERI’s mission, both through R2 certification and other educational programs”.




SERI – Sustainable Electronics Recycling International