More About Us

&What We Value

Environmental Office Solutions, Inc. (EOS) is a global e-waste recycling company that strives for unparalleled excellence and exceptional customer satisfaction. EOS will continue to build upon a history of integrity and trust in the recycling industry. EOS will establish and maintain end of life recycling programs that help preserve our environment. EOS is committed to continuous improvement through the monitoring of objectives and rigorous evaluation of our management system.

Our Core Values

These are the core values that support our mission and commitments to employees, customers and community:

    • Legal-always in compliance with each local, state and federal law(s)
    • Ethical-do the right thing
    • Prudent-does it reflect wisdom
    • Profitable-is it financially advantageous and beneficial
    • Practical-can we successfully execute and sustain the plan
  • Our promise is to provide environmentally responsible practices, integrity, professionalism, and services in our work place and in our global community.
  • Our dedication, experience, and ability will deliver maximum efficiency and exceed expectations.