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Whether it’s a small screen


Or a medium screen

In addition to full service inkjet recycling, toner cartridge recycling and ITAD recycling programs, EOS also collects and resells a variety of consumer electronics, including cellphones and tablets. With the increasing speed of innovation, proper cellphone and tablet recycling and disposal continues to be a growing concern for firms, as they upgrade their technology. Environmental Office Solutions seeks to address and eliminate these concerns. Cellphone recycling has become our fastest growing service in recent years, as the market continues to evolve.

We collect, quality control, and recycle devices from popular brands including: all recent (5 years old or less) Apple and Samsung Models, namely iPhones, iPads, iPods, and the Galaxy Series of products, as well as Google, HTC, LG, and others. We offer rebates through our collection services, and as part of our status as an R2 certified recycler, you will be privy to each step of the recycling process. You can also be assured that if you’re ordering secondary market models from us, they’ve been processed with the utmost emphasis on delivering a quality product.

EOS is one of the nation’s leading resellers of cell phones and handheld devices. Sourcing is done from a broad set of vendors including asset recovery programs, buyback programs, trade-in programs, and carriers. Products are then sorted, data secured, refurbished and sold to a diverse set of customers on a direct basis.

Contact us directly using the ASK EOS form on the right side of this page with any questions regarding your model, pricing, volume, or shipping. Also, check out our mail in recycling program for smaller shipments, or if you’re looking to recycle your personal devices.

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