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ITAD, Laptop & Desktop Computers

Brand Protection – Data Security – Value Return – Peace of Mind

Environmental Office Solutions, Inc (EOS) offers a wide range of ITAD recycling solutions for businesses and schools nationwide. By working with businesses, schools and government entities of all sizes, EOS has streamlined the asset recovery and ITAD recycling process and manages every step of the hassle free process. We guarantee the disposal of obsolete or unwanted computer equipment is done in an economical, safe and environmentally responsible manner. We specialize in the disposition of IT assets while minimizing costs and maximizing value, creating a greater return for our clients.

Our services include:
Chromebook recycling
Laptop recycling
Desktop recycling
ITAD recycling
Cellphone recycling
Tablet recycling

Secure Transportation

A secure chain-of-custody begins at the time of pickup. EOS utilizes an extensive network of fully insured regional and national freight carriers.

Evaluation and Testing

Contents of each load are fully verified before processing begins. Items are weighed, crosschecked, inspected visually and properly tagged in our triage process. From the moment of receipt, throughout processing and to final disposition, EOS records and tracks such things as serial numbers, asset tags, and other information.

Data Security

Our customers have complete peace of mind know that data-containing devices sent to EOS are completely sanitized to NIST 800-88 and Department of Defense standards. We use industry-leading software to ensure that these devices are completely sanitized before recovery, harvesting or remarketing.


Recovery and reuse items go through a series of initial tests and inspections for functionality. Our expert technicians then replace parts as necessary, clean the item thoroughly and enhance the performance before the item is remarketed.


We offer a wide range of remarketing solutions through direct, retail and wholesale partnerships in addition to redeployment solutions. Any asset that goes through our remarketing division goes through a data security process, testing and cleaning before being offered for sale to maximize revenue for our customers.

Certificate of Recycling/Reporting

Asset reporting can be accessed daily, weekly, and/or monthly depending on the requirements of our customers. Our reporting include frequently required metrics such as weight, serial number and final disposition. Additionally, a certificate of destruction for recycled data-containing devices or a certificate of sanitization for remarketed devices can be provided.

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