Purchases By Environmental Office Solutions, Inc.

The following terms and conditions apply to all cartridge and cell phone purchases by Environmental Office Solutions, Inc. Please read carefully. If you have any questions regarding these terms and conditions, please call us at 1-888-367-3076.

Cartridge and Cell Phone Packaging

All cartridges and cell phones must be packed so as to avoid damage during shipping. This includes repackaging cartridges in the original manufacturer’s boxes with protective end-caps, boxes supplied by Environmental Office Solutions or other packaging. If you do not have the original packaging, wrap all cartridges in newspaper, bubble wrap, foam or any other lightweight, protective material.

We carefully inspect all shipments when they arrive at our Collection Center and document evidence of physical damage to the shipment. This is done so that any discrepancy, which may occur as a result of broken or damaged cartridges, can be resolved through a freight claim with the appropriate carrier. In the absence of physical damage to the boxes or containers in which the cartridges are shipped, Environmental Office Solutions has no ability to file a freight claim. Therefore, in these instances, the liability for broken cartridges rests with the cartridge seller. (Contact us online or your Environmental Office Solutions representative for packaging suggestions.)

Additional Terms and Conditions

  • Environmental Office Solutions (EOS) Purchase Order (PO) number must appear on every package.
  • Environmental Office Solutions is not responsible for items received without a valid Purchase Order.
  • Seller must have a total of 200 qualifying cartridges listed on our current Buy Back List to receive free shipping. Settled orders that have less than 200 qualifying cartridges will have the shipping charges deducted from the order payment.
  • All liftgate and inside delivery charges are the responsibility of the seller and will be deducted from order to be paid.
  • Cartridges received that are not on the PO as well as non qualifying cartridges, may be subject to a disposal fee of up to $.50 per toner cartridge and $.25 per inkjet.
  • Seller warrants they have clear title and authorization to all products sold to EOS.
  • All PO’s submitted by an EOS representative are subject to EOS inspection guidelines. Only cartridges that pass EOS quality process qualify for payment.
  • Should the seller want rejected or damaged cartridges returned, arrangements must be made by seller prior to EOS receiving the shipment. Return shipping is the responsibility of the seller.
  • All cartridges must be collected (first sold) from sources within the USA. Price quotes are valid for 24 hours and prices are in US Dollar.
  • All sort and settle purchase orders will be priced current buy back prices at time of receipt.
  • EOS does not pay for universal or modified cartridges.
  • Seller must pack items properly and safely for transport. EOS is not responsible for items damaged during shipping.
  • Once product has been received at an EOS facility, it becomes property of EOS.
  • Payments terms as defined on the PO are based upon date product is received at an EOS facility.
  • Any disputes against a PO must be made within 7 business days of receiving payment.
  • All Lexmark and like Lexmark models (including but not limited to Dell and IBM) must be first sold in the USA.
  • All Lexmark cartridges will be scanned using the “Check to Protect “site.
  • Cartridges that are found to be first sold outside of the USA will be rejected and isolated for destruction unless sellers has requested cartridges to be returned at their expense prior to EOS receiving the shipment.
  • All sort and settle purchase orders will be priced based upon standard buy back at time of receipt. PDW (production downstream waste) is defined as items that do not pass EOS quality process or do not appear on the list of acceptable cartridges at the time of receipt. PDW may be subject to a disposal fee of up to $.50 per lbs. There is a cost incurred with PDW handling and disposal in accordance to EOS R2 certification. If the costs associated with the PDW of any shipment are in excess of the value there may be no payment to shipper. In addition, the shipper may be responsible for paying EOS for the costs of shipping, handling and disposal of the shipment in total.


All cartridges purchased by Environmental Office Solutions will be paid within the terms listed on the issued purchase order after inspection of your shipment is completed. Canadian international ink/toner payments for purchase orders under $5000 will be paid via check or by wire if the vendor absorbs the fee.To begin the Purchase Order Request process, click here.

Questions or Comments

We value you as our customer and are committed to your satisfaction. If you have any questions concerning these terms and conditions, please call your Environmental Office Solutions representative at 1-888-367-3076, use our online contact form or send an email to info@eosusa.com.