About Us

Founded in 1996 by Chris Stoddard and Mark Tosi, Environmental Office Solutions (EOS) provides custom-tailored, comprehensive, closed-loop recycling and end-of-life asset recovery programs for large corporations and small businesses alike.

EOS is headquartered in a 40,000+ square-foot recycling facility located in East Hartford, Connecticut with an additional 30,000+ square-foot recycling, warehouse and distribution facility facility in Colorado. With bi-coastal facilities, EOS can quickly and efficiently process assets, thus providing more attractive pricing for customers.

Exceptional customer service is the cornerstone of our business. EOS has a responsive and knowledgeable team of recycling representatives with over 50 years of combined industry experience.

EOS has the expertise and flexibility to create an income-generating, custom-tailored recycling program for any enterprise.

Items We Collect

  • Inkjet cartridges
  • Toner cartridges
  • Fax and all-in-one's (MFP) cartridges
  • Printer cartridges
  • Used cell phones

Each year, Environmental Office Solutions collects tons of printer-related recycling items such as empty laser toner and inkjet printer cartridges, fax toner cartridges, plus more and more used cell phones. We carefully inspect, classify and prepare each unit for responsible, end-of-life disposal or remanufacturing.

Recycling, remanufacturing or properly disposing of these items makes a positive impact on the environment—and our customers. To learn more about the services we offer, click here…

Environmental Office Solutions Commitment

EOS is committed to providing customers with environmentally sound, income-generating, closed-loop recycling solutions. EOS offers seamless, integrated and fully supported recycling solutions with:

  • Competitive pricing with our match-or-beat buy-back price guarantee
  • Substantial revenue stream
  • Fast and easy payment processing
  • Seamless operation
  • Comprehensive reverse logistics management
  • Full accounting and reporting
  • Exceptional customer service
  • EOS and the Environment

EOS is committed to preserving the environment by reducing non-biodegradable e-waste in landfills. We practice industry leading, closed-loop recycling measures and implement zero-waste policies, reclaim as much usable material as possible and follow earth-friendly, end-of-life processing for all collected items. EOS is R2:2013 (Responsible Recycling Practices), ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 Certified as well as ISO 9001 Compliant.  To learn more about EOS and the environment, click here…

Get Started

Contact us today to begin an easy, income-generating recycling program for your enterprise. Environmental Office Solutions is committed to helping you help the environment.